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What’s the attention to wearing Pandora Charms And Bracelet

When choosing the Pandora bracelet, whatever material you choose and what style you choose, you need to have some attention, because it’s the only one.

To solve these aspects of the knowledge, will choose a suitable for oneself to wear the hand chain, Pandora hand chain is so, never

To underestimate the charm of Pandora’s hand chain, although the price is more expensive, it has received a lot of people’s favor, so in wearing pan

What do you need to pay attention to when you pull the chain? The little editor did not give a detailed introduction to you, and looked at some of the things to pay attention to.

Do you have a trick?

First of all, say the maintenance of Pandora’s hand chain, when wearing it, we must not touch the cosmetics, because the cosmetics inside are still very good.

Mercury and sulfur, all of which can lead to the oxidation of the Pandora’s hand chain, resulting in the phenomenon of fading and blackening. Because he handle

The chain is made of silver material, and if she is exposed to ozone, it can also cause the silver to become black, so it is said in daily life.

Try not to put silver ornaments in the disinfectant cabinet.

Usually drinking water, which contains white powder or chlorine, has a very serious erosion effect on the hand chain, so it is said in the flat.

When cleaning the Pandora bracelet, try to clean the water as pure as possible, and wash your hands in regular bath, and try not to wear it as much as possible.

Pandora Charms hand chain. Hydrochloric acid and nitric acid can dissolve silver ornaments, so people who are engaged in this work need to pay attention to it and should not

Wear a silver bracelet made of silver.

What’s the attention to wearing Pandora’s bracelet? It is a simple introduction to a few points, all of which need to be paid attention to.

A few problems that often appear in the ordinary life, do not know if you like to wear pure silver ornaments, do you have a trick? Want to make a chain

For you to bring a more fashionable and fresh effect, we must do its maintenance work well!